Acknowledge your contractors, temps, part time people & consultants – it can be a bit lonely sometimes…

Last week I had ‘a’ birthday and like most people over the age of 40 – you kind of don’t celebrate.  What is more when you are a contractor like me, you certainly don’t expect your clients team to celebrate it either…after all, although they are always respectful and involve you, you aren’t there each day, at the conferences, the outings…so never really are a ‘real’ part of the team.LisaGarritysbirthday

So, it was to my great surprise that this morning they had taken the time to send my card around all the Medcall team in NZ, to write an individual message then buy a stack of revoltingly sweet but yummy cakes with a candle and made a little fuss.

Although, I would’ve been cool if it didn’t happen – I was surprisingly thrilled that it did!

It can be a bit lonely not being a permanent employee sometimes and sometimes you don’t have a choice with family commitments.  I like most human beings do like to be acknowledged sometimes as an individual person not just an expert in my field (which happens to be marketing).  And because I am in marketing, I could play with my photo to make it far more interesting!

Maybe not all of your non FTE’s would get this excited, but I am guessing they probably would be thrilled if you acknowledged them!

Thank you Medcall – you are just living your values, but because of that I feel chuffed!