Why Aged Care jobs?

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With the ever increasing number of older people in the community requiring care, whether that is in their own homes or in residential facilities, there is an ongoing need for committed and qualified people to provide these services.

Most people choose to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes as long as they can before they (or their families) need to make the difficult transition into care.

Whilst some opt for villages providing a community of people in independent living in units or villas, others remain at home until the need for rest home or hospital level care. With the increased ability to access care which will allow people to stay at home for longer, many now arrive at rest homes with a greater level of need for support- often close to hospital level care.

This is turn means that greater resources are required at a more acute level than in previous years weight loss supplements. This in conjunction with higher demand for dementia level care, means facilities now need services, equipment and staff able to facilitate these needs.

Aged care jobs are plentiful, with rest homes and hospitals always needing caregivers, registered nurses, ancillary staff and managers. This is not easy work, and not seen as ‘glamorous’ as some other healthcare roles- however the people who choose this career path have usually done so for more intrinsic values than monetary reward or recognition.

They are the people for whom nursing and caring is more than a job. When caregivers help to shower, dress or feed someone no longer able to do so themselves; when nurses provide pain relief or dress wounds, calm someone with a dementia related outburst, or provide support and advice to anxious family members, they are providing an amazing service- something the families are no longer able to do; something for which their patients may not be able to articulate their gratitude, but something of real value.

Those in aged care jobs are the ones who see through the confusion of dementia, to the person who once ran a family, or served in past wars; people who once played instruments and enjoyed sport, who fell in love, laughed and had a life of everyday ups and downs. They see past the incapacity of today and know they are providing care and support when it is most needed, to elderly people who too once were young and vibrant.

Yes the days are long and hard, and often thankless. The wages are not high and aged care jobs may not be glossy or prestigious– but the work done is invaluable. It goes beyond the clinical expectations of a duty well done, to the core of who they are: they really are people who care. It does make you think about what truly defines the title Angel!

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