Professional Development – VITAL for people in Aged Care Jobs

As you know, we actively support our bureau team in gaining additional training and professional development by offering on line modules/ book modules in hard copy and heaps of seminars and practical sessions in each branch.  But how many are aimed at those of you who are in Aged Care Jobs?

Everyone who walks through Medcall’s doors and becomes either a bureau or a full time candidate for Medcall is not only representing their own ‘brand’ but you are representing Medcall’s as well.  When the owners of Medcall took on the business, they bought with them a staunch ethos of being people who care.  How does this relate you might ask?  Well, outside of being genuinely good and caring human beings it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to develop yourself so that you know all the ‘latest and greatest’ and can conduct your roles in your Aged Care Jobs with knowledge, confidence and success!


We have a variety of Training Modules available to any caregivers, the modules are available both on line or printed (or both!) lose belly fat fast.

This caregiver training is so flexible and simple.  You can choose to study one module at a time or many modules or all the modules.

They type of roles people in Aged Care jobs hold typically require professional development skills for the following courses:

  • First Aid Training
  • Elder Abuse
  • Manual Handling
  • Dementia
  • Infection Control


  • Plan weekly study times – Studying via online class can be challenging, even more so when juggling multiple responsibilities. Time management is vital. Planning a regular study time, blocking off set times each week is what successful online students do most often. Plan a schedule and stick to it.
  • Ask questions – Instructors want to help, they want you to be successful and expect you to ask questions. When I work with course instructors this is one complaint that is expressed most often about online learning, ‘why don’t they ask?’ The virtual space in online learning can be a barrier,if you let it get in the way. If you have a question about course content, need clarification on a difficult concept – ask.  And when you do ask a question, make it count. Before you post a question, know what you are asking and why. Be clear and concise in your communication. You’ll be glad you asked!
  • Make connections with fellow students – Connecting with online classmates and building a learning community is easier than you might think given all of the social tools and applications available today. Reach out to one student, send an email to ask a question, or create a discussion on Medcall’s Facebook page for anyone doing the same module as you..
  • Keep Your Study Materials Organized

It’s important to keep track of your study materials. Otherwise you can lose track of what you have to read, assignments that are due, tests and so forth. Create a system that works for you, and make sure you keep everything neatly organised in folders. If you’re taking multiple classes, you should make a different folder for each class.

  • Find Your Ideal Study Environment

With online studying, you can take your laptop anywhere. Choose the location that helps you focus and feel the most motivated. This may be indoors or outdoors, in a public place or in your own bedroom.  Definitely somewhere with good light!

Please call your consultant to find out what modules are available and let them know what modules you would like to study and if you would like to go through this online or workbook printed!  It is that simple.  You could also come in to our office sometimes and use our computers if you want—just work it out with your consultant! 0800 314314