Care Manager Jobs – A Role That Really Makes a Difference!

happy old couple

Managing an aged care facility is an exciting and highly rewarding role. We have all heard so much about our aging population and it is safe to say that being part of this sector is a time for change, evolution and thrilling opportunity.

When considering care manager jobs as a Registered Nurse, you should consider if you are someone who delights in designing, implementing and managing services that will actually enhance the older NZ’ers daily life. Different from other care manager jobs or equivalent in other health sectors – your patients/residents are likely to live with you for the rest of their lives and so this means a different set of skills and expertise are required from you as that Care Manager.

Each older person brings with them experiences, stories, pain, joy, medical challenges and the reality of being in the latter part of their lives. They enter a rest home or aged care facility for many reasons which can also vary for each individual, but often when they are admitted they are unlikely to live at home and independently again. Wow, this is such an important time for people to be cared for and supported by the aged care staff in a manner that surely promotes the best experiences they can have. Whilst there is a focus on managing any ailments and medical challenges they may be facing, alongside this the Care Manager is responsible for setting up systems/processes, a culture and services that have the flexibility to support each persons psychosocial needs too – and these will be every changing. Care Manager jobs in New Zealand vary across the country in terms of remuneration, size of facility, size of responsibility and expectations, however ultimately the need to attract and retain experienced, empathetic and capable Care Managers is essential in providing the ‘right’ kind of care and services our older NZers deserve. Increasingly some Care Manager jobs require you to not only manage the clinical systems and processes in the service, but also some budgeting and reporting requirements. These are exciting times for Care Managers as they learn more ‘business’ skills outside of core nursing expertise and are part of a growing sector that is speeding along at break neck speed!

Medcall is a specialist health recruitment and staffing agency and often we find attracting high calibre applicants to our Care Manager jobs is difficult. We seek people with extensive clinical expertise along with a preference of understanding the aged care sector, but ultimately the ‘type’ of person you are and how you influence, lead and manage others is of equal importance in that selection process. I often encourage our staff to consider their own parents/family needs if they were in a rest home or hospital – how they would want them to be treated; what would be important for them; if they think ‘one size fits all’ or would want a Care Manager and service to have the flexibility to meet their individual needs.

If you are considering Care Manager jobs then we welcome you to call and speak confidentially with Andi Sizer or Jane Clements here at Medcall Health Personnel Limited. We are able to give advice about what this role entails and who is hiring.

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