Clinical Nurse Leader jobs

Nurse Guidance

It’s the best of both worlds really; the essence of nursing – providing clinical expertise to people in need, alleviating or soothing pain and stress, and making patients feel better – combined with the ability to lead and mentor, providing a safe clinical environment where more junior staff are supported and managed.

Clinical Nurse Leader jobs are in high demand, particularly in the rapidly expanding aged care sector. Providing support both to the Manager and to the nursing / caregiving team, this is a multi-faceted role, requiring a special blend of clinical and management skills.

Train to be a Nurse

Working closely with the Manager to ensure a hospital is compliant, patients and their families are welcomed, well supported and informed, that the site is working within departmental budgets, rosters and safe staffing levels are maintained, and ongoing staff education is planned and delivered, people in Clinical Nurse Leader jobs need to be highly organised, professional and efficient; able to juggle multiple contingencies at any given moment.
Add to that, their responsibility to be up to speed clinically, ensure their team of nursing staff is managing their workload effectively and providing great care, dealing with staffing /personnel issues, staff appraisals, professional development and meetings with multi-disciplinary teams, this part of the job needs great people skills as well as everything else!
Clinical Nurse Leaders have invariably come up through the ranks themselves, and so understand the demands, the highs and lows of what their staff deal with each day. Whilst this is a busy, demanding role, it is the first step on the management ladder and a great way to gain insight into a manager’s position, while still receiving support and guidance along the way.

Many Hospital Managers have worked their way up from previous roles as Clinical Nurse Leaders, where they have continued to develop their leadership and management skills and experience, proving their capability and capacity for development into a more senior position.
Clinical Nurse Leaders are the primary point of contact for the staff, residents’ families, external agencies, and of course the Hospital Manager. They are the glue that holds it all together and make the machinations of a busy hospital / rest home environment look like child’s play. Only others in the same role, or those who have been there / done that, know the real skill and effort behind it all.
Registered Nurses with their eye on career development might do well to consider this as a real opportunity to develop their leadership path – you will be much in demand!!
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