GO THE WARRIORS…not just the mighty Vodafone ones…

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-725 size-full" src="http://www how to lose fat fast.medcall.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/vodafone-tickets-e1433308704174.jpg” alt=”medcall vodafone warriors tickets” width=”491″ height=”350″ />

but our very own ones in bureau jobs!

You know how sometimes you look at another brand and you go, wow…they kind of ‘fit’ with us?

Well that is what we have done with the Vodafone Warriors.  We have wanted a way to give something back to our staff in bureau jobs, something they could enjoy with a friend/family member or partner and let their hair down, but something that really related to how we operate as a company.You might say, but how could a young, good looking athletic bunch of guys be similar to Medcall?

Well you would be surprised (or not) – they have awesome values which we and our people in bureau jobs align to:

  • Grounded – (humble, respectful, role model off the field)
  • Courageous – (tough, fearless, resilient)
  • Selfless – (team first, loyal, sacrifice)
  • Uncompromising (high standards, dedicated, no short cuts)
  • Passionate (honest, demanding, never say die)

We also wanted to align with people who promote health and wellbeing and are a bit bold.  As an organisation they do some awesome stuff as part of NRL for mental health, recovery after injury, general well being, promoting women in sports, raising decent men and valuing family.

Because of the above (and a secret future charity/scholarship which we will be revealing at a later date), we have decided to partner with the Vodafone Warriors.  This means we now have our own special Medcall seats at the NZ games, 30 of them to be precise and we get the opportunity to pick TWO ball boys from our Bureau staff for a game each season  – Imagine that!

Each week we will be doing something cool to find a way to give away these valued tickets and neat opportunity…so keep an eye out.

Any questions re this partnership or indeed ideas to give away those tickets to our staff in bureau jobs, please go to jane@medcall.co.nz