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We have our ‘finger on the pulse’ (yes, bad pun) of the heatlhcare workforce and health careers – through our years of loving the industry, through our industry surveys and the fact that we have a social media strategy, and aren’t afraid to use it!

One of our clients once said he felt like a ‘letter box’ for CV’s from some agencies (not us I might add) – and we thought this really sucked. We dont care how many CV’s or jobs we have – we just get on with our job which is knowing our clients & candidates – and we mean really know them – so that we can achieve the best match.

If you checked out our collective perm team’s CV here – you will find staff who have been business owners (so oodles of commercial competence), a nurse and consultants who have had lots of success finding clinical leader jobs, healthcare management jobs and senior health jobs. We’re human too – we have mates, partners, husbands, kids, mortgages, worries, charm, wit, stress, openess and honesty!Why not give us a call to have a chat about options in the healthcare management job sector – we would be happy to share our knowledge and help!

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Elder Abuse – What the HECK is it all about?!

elder abuse old lady

It is difficult for some of us to believe that there is such a thing as Elder Abuse, but there is – AND in New Zealand.  Would you believe that 8% of abuse happens in a rest home the remaining 92% is committed in the home and a staggering high percentage are committed by family members?

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12/06/2015 -

GO THE WARRIORS…not just the mighty Vodafone ones…

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-725 size-full" src="http://www how to lose fat” alt=”medcall vodafone warriors tickets” width=”491″ height=”350″ />

but our very own ones in bureau jobs!

You know how sometimes you look at another brand and you go, wow…they kind of ‘fit’ with us?

Well that is what we have done with the Vodafone Warriors.  We have wanted a way to give something back to our staff in bureau jobs, something they could enjoy with a friend/family member or partner and let their hair down, but something that really related to how we operate as a company. Continue reading →

03/06/2015 -

Why LinkedIN for Healthcare Jobs?

LinkedIn logo

Did you know having a good profile on LinkedIN will help you get healthcare jobs?

There are over 1 million LinkedIn users in NZ and growing – take note of that number!.  It is now widely used by both internal and external recruiters to advertise their healthcare jobs and look for candidates.  A quality LinkedIn profile is quickly becoming an essential element of a complete career marketing package. Continue reading →

26/05/2015 -

Perm Team

Jane Clements

Jane Clements

Chief Executive Officer
Andi Sizer

Andi Sizer

General Manager

I can honestly say that the support, information sharing and accessibility of Andi at Medcall has made the whole recruitment experience very seamless and has achieved a great result.
I have worked with a few agencies before but believe that Medcall has demonstrated one of the best processes and experiences for me so would recommend them wholeheartedly to any potential Healthcare employee.
Thank you so much you were amazing.

Belinda Watkins – Business & Care Manager