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We have our ‘finger on the pulse’ (yes, bad pun) of the heatlhcare workforce and health careers – through our years of loving the industry, through our industry surveys and the fact that we have a social media strategy, and aren’t afraid to use it!

One of our clients once said he felt like a ‘letter box’ for CV’s from some agencies (not us I might add) – and we thought this really sucked. We dont care how many CV’s or jobs we have – we just get on with our job which is knowing our clients & candidates – and we mean really know them – so that we can achieve the best match.

If you checked out our collective perm team’s CV here – you will find staff who have been business owners (so oodles of commercial competence), a nurse and consultants who have had lots of success finding clinical leader jobs, healthcare management jobs and senior health jobs. We’re human too – we have mates, partners, husbands, kids, mortgages, worries, charm, wit, stress, openess and honesty!Why not give us a call to have a chat about options in the healthcare management job sector – we would be happy to share our knowledge and help!

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How to Empower Caregivers in Aged Care Jobs

We can do it

I was reading some comments from Leigh Kelly on her website recently about her definition of a caregiver and how to empower caregivers through training and it prompted me to think about what a caregiver is for us at Medcall Health Personnel Limited.

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28/10/2014 -

How Do We Talk With Our Folks And Older Loved Ones About…”What If?”

Talking to Our Folks

I am a Registered Nurse and am in my mid (ish) 40’s. My folks are both 80 over next 2 years and are generally fit, well and feisty ha ha!
I have an awesome relationship with them and we are an open, communicative family. We are each and all very independent (that is my excuse for not visiting them enough) and don’t interfere in each others lives – but we would do anything for each other if needed. Continue reading →

25/09/2014 -

Supporting New Grad RN’s into Entry Programmes

Nursing Graduates

Supporting New Grad RN’s into entry programmes and linking this to a sustainable workforce.

The landscape of nursing in New Zealand has changed significantly over the past 25-odd years since I graduated as a Registered Nurse.  We are faced with increasing staffing challenges as we grapple with short, medium and longer term nursing shortages and an aging population with a well documented future demand that might outweigh supply for nurses/clinical health care professionals.  Continue reading →

10/08/2014 -

Perm Team

Jane Clements

Jane Clements

Chief Executive Officer
Andi Sizer

Andi Sizer

General Manager

Andi at Medcall went out of her way to really understand our organisational values and requirements for the role we wished to fill. The team at Medcall were proactive in their approach and very responsive to our needs. They found us a great Manager and continued to check in with both she and I to ensure that the appointment was working as planned. I would use Medcall again if the need arose.

Karen Rhind – Manager – Wesleyhaven Village Wesley Community Action