Bettina Wong Finance Manager

Bettina Wong

Bettina Wong

Finance Manager

I am relatively young, but have managed to fit in many learning’s, experiences and skills in this time! My upbringing was shrouded with old fashioned values, respect for others, being moral, high expectations to achieve academic highs and get great results – but mostly around how we treat people. I believe this is why I am at Medcall as there is a uniformity amongst how we all approach our work.

When I made the scary decision to return to nursing, I found it impossible for the DHB’s and other agencies to look at employing me.  Medcall showed faith in me. I was welcomed and made feel that I had a lot of experience to  offer their clients. I feel well supported and have been given great opportunities for further education readily available. Medcall feels like my extended family.

Ann Horner RN