5 tips to a safe summer

Below we have our 5 top tips to keep yourself, clients and loved ones saved this summer.

  1. Stay Hydrated  

One of the most important summer tips is to stay well hydrated, your body may not always tell you when it needs water and it can be easy to forget! Our tip for keeping on top of hydration is carry a water bottle around with you it’s that simple this way you can keep track of how much water you are drinking throughout that day.

  1.  Be Wise when you exercise

Keeping active is still very important, many of us are still enjoying our daily walks, jogging, biking, golf and many more and this should not change over the summer however the summer heat can make this a much more difficult activity to carry out. Our tip for this would be go a little early than usual before the heat of the day we know mornings aren’t for everyone…  if you enjoy a good sleep in wait until the evening when the sun starts going down.

  1. Keep Sunscreen close at all times

Seniors are even more vulnerable to skin cancer. Since the skin gets thinner and more fragile as we age, seniors are more susceptible to the type of fast-acting skin damage caused by the sun, so when you are taking clients out be sure you both wear plenty of sunscreen and cover up when you can. Our tip for you this summer is check your prescriptions as many medications increase sun sensitivity it’s very important to be aware of this so extra precaution can be made. 

  1. Food safety 

Food safety is super important a few things you can to ensure the meal preparation is always safe. Rinse your produce, don’t leave food out for long periods of time, use separate bowls for raw and cooked meats and always maintain cleanliness wash your hand before and after cooking and in-between. Remember to use warm water and antibacterial soap. 

       5. Keep an eye out for warning signs   

It’s normal to feel a little flushed and tired when the temperature rises, but if you’re feeling nauseous, you have a headache, and you’re fatigued, these are also early symptoms of heat stroke. Other warning signs include confusion, dizziness, high temperature. If you notice these signs on yourself, or in someone you love, get help immediately you can never be too careful.