Contracting to an App vs employment with Medcall

Over the past few years there's been a real rise in App based employment and discussions arising about the changing working environments across different industries. We have all become familiar with Apps to access internet banking, Uber and Uber eats, and Google Maps to name a few.  These changes have not missed healthcare industry  and multiple app based services have tried to enter NZ market space. 


There is a multitude of reasons as to why Nurses and Care Givers seek contract work through an App : extra income on the side, flexibility, or a chance to experience some variety. Some utilize App based work as a full time source of income,  while others find it can be a stopgap solution in times of sudden unemployment or changes in circumstances. 

 We would like to highlight the nature of  Medcall 's ethos and how its different to typical App based work. 

Our staff are employees and not contactors. This means we are legally responsible for their wellbeing and cover them for annual leave, personal leave, statutory holidays, and  ACC levies are paid for staff.  If staff have a work related injury we cover their wages; we deduct PAYE, meaning there are no surprises at tax time or GST risk; there are no hidden deductions, so the hourly rate is before all the above benefits. We have a full suite of health and safety polices designed to protect you in the workplace and we provide induction and initial training. We offer EAP services to ALL staff, this means should you ever need support -   a registered Psychologist or counsellor is there to talk to. We provide you free of charge with uniforms, name badges, and a place to come and meet your colleagues and managers whenever you need.

in contrast to this, caregivers and nurses that sign up through an app are self-employed and referred to as contractors, or independent contractors. Contractors are self-employed and earn income by invoicing the principal for their services. A contractor pays their own tax and ACC levies. Contractors aren’t covered by most employment-related laws. This means they don’t get things like annual leave or sick leave, they can’t bring personal grievances, they have to pay their own tax, and general civil law determines most of their rights and responsibilities. Overall there is less support as a contractor, which can ultimately lead to future issues. 

While apps are there to enable us to save time and create ease, there is a great risk of having an app as your employer,  especially in the aged care industry where staff provide real care to real people .

If you are after work in New Zealand - check our job listings and contact our friendly team to discuss option. We have all the smart technology that allows you to receive your roster, complete tailored induction modules,  submit timesheets and get paid, but we take real care of our employees.