Khali's 10-Year Anniversary with Medcall!

Here at Medcall we believe that our people are what make the company, and this week we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of our Bureau Coordinators, Khali! The bookings team are such an important part of what we do, so to sit down and chat with such a long-standing member of that team was a great opportunity to highlight the work they do.


Khali joined Medcall in 2012, originally just doing part time and weekend work for the After Hours team:

“My mum actually started the On-Call team down in Tauranga, so she worked alongside Shirley in the Tauranga office. I used to come in on my work experience days for school; I always ended up at Medcall, I’d give Shirley a hand with filing or just a general tidy up of the office, so it’s kind of how I got my foot in the door. When a spot opened up for the After-Hours team it really suited me, because I was studying at the time and I was looking for part time work, so Shirley hired me.”

Since starting with Medcall a decade ago, Khali has been with us through completing her studies to starting a family.

“I’ve always sort of worked part time with Medcall; I was doing studying on and off and I was actually doing some nursing study, but then kids and life happened, and I just picked up more hours here instead. Medcall has been a constant in my life – I enjoy my time here, the people are awesome. Throughout everything Medcall have been so supportive with everything I’ve had going on and so supportive… I can’t imagine wanting to leave.”

 She says the most rewarding aspect of her job is satisfaction of building relationships with clients and staff, and how efficiently she’s able to help with bookings because of her years of experience.

“[The most satisfying aspect of my job is] when we’re filling our shifts quickly and efficiently. You get to know which of our staff will work at certain facilities and work certain shifts, so you can match it up pretty quickly if you’ve been here this long! And just getting that gratitude from them as well, because they’re obviously looking for work, and when they call you up and say, “Look, I need some hours, what can you give me,” and you know exactly what to offer them, the gratitude that you receive after is super satisfying. It’s definitely a good feeling. And when the clients come back to you as well; say they come to you at lunch time and they need someone by three o’clock that afternoon, if you manage to fill it, you’ve made their day.”

However, while she says that a lot of her job is relationship building with clients and staff, the relationships she’s built with her team are the most important relationships that keep her coming back every day.

“[My favourite part of the job] is mainly the people I work with, they definitely make my day better! I think if you don’t have your colleagues’ backs – or vice versa – it can be really hard to operate day to day. You can stay there and do your job, but if you don’t have that support… it just makes it easier, when they’re there. Someone you can always talk back to; if you have an issue, just talk it out with each other. It can be resolved in minutes, rather than just pondering on it yourself.”