Looking after elderly over the holiday season

Due to travel restrictions this year many family's will not be able to celebrate Christmas together, this holiday season you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on those around you who may not be fortunate enough to spend it with loved ones.


1. Check in on your neighbors

Pop around to your elderly neighbours check in on them offer to go to the supermarkets or drive them there, have a cup of tea with them or simply just let them know you are there if they ever need anything.

2. Christmas dinner 

Christmas lunch and dinner is a very special part of the day for most if you know anybody who is spending this alone if you can invite them over to share a meal if this is not possible you could drop a plate over to them when checking in, another way you can help if have the means to make a small donation to the Salvation Army this year, they have a yearly Christmas Lunch or dinner for family’s who are struggling over this time or for the elder who don’t have anyone around them to share this special day with.

3. Pick up the phone 

Take the time to sit down and make that phone call with family and friends, we are lucky enough to now have the technology to video chat, help elderly around you to set this up on phones, tablets or laptops for family’s who can’t  make it home over the holiday season this is a great way of helping grandparents and grandchildren interact really keeping a smile on their faces.  

4. Be a Santa to our seniors  

Giving a gift doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive, it can be as simple as a Christmas card with a small personalized note, homemade arts and crafts or baking. While not costing you much this can be the highlight of their day!

5.  Keeping social 

There are usually a number of events on over the Christmas break such as carols by candle light, Christmas at the park and Christmas parades, offer to drive the elderly to one of these events engorge them to keep out and about stay social over this time can help with feeling isolated or alone.    

Over the holidays remember to stay well hydrated, wear sun screen, travel safely and enjoy!

 Noho ora kia ora