Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS)

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) are now the primary test being used in Auckland to test for Covid, and a PCR test is no longer required to confirm a positive Covid result.


What does this mean for us? All testing stations in Tamaki Makaurau will now be giving you a RAT test to take home with you, that is only if you have been a close contact and require a test!

A RAT test may seem daunting and you’re probably wondering how to do one? But I can assure you, they are easier than they look. Rapid Antigen Tests always come with instructions and you should always follow the instructions in your RAT box carefully. You will be required to swab both nostrils with the one swab given in the box by sticking it up each nostril 2-3cm and rolling it around. Then put your swab in the little vial of liquid also given in the box and swirl it around and finish by placing a few drops onto the actual test. 

You are required to wait 15 minutes for the test result. You should notice a line appear pretty rapidly next to C which is the control line and after the 15 minutes whether you have a second line next to the T (test line) will determine whether you have a positive result or not. A line next to the T means you are positive and no line next to the T means covid free!

Don’t forget to upload your test results on your ‘My Covid Record’! Simply log on to your My Covid Record account and click tests – Rapid Antigen Test and enter your results.