Sandra's 10-Year Anniversary with Medcall!

Sandra – our Senior Bureau Coordinator and After-Hours Team Leader – is celebrating her 10 year anniversary with Medcall! We took the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about her journey to where she is today.  


Before Sandra joined Medcall, she was working as a chef in retirement homes. 

“When I first started I was in between jobs; I was actually working two jobs. One of my best friends was the After-Hours team leader for Medcall, and I bumped into her one time and she asked me if I’d be interested in a position on her team. I said “Ok, I’ll check it out,” because I’d already had rest home experience, as a cook. She knew I had the knowledge of what happens in a rest home hospital, so that was one of the reasons she asked me if I’d be interested.” 

“Sometimes when you’re getting older, you’re still searching for something work-wise. I thought cheffing, cooking would be me. But when I came across Medcall I just thought, “Yeah, this is more me”.” 

Because of the way she found out about the role, Sandra says she essentially “went in blind”, but she feels incredibly fortunate to have taken the chance on something that she originally didn’t feel she was capable of. But she was indeed capable, and since first starting on the After-Hours team, Sandra has moved across many positions in the company and solidified herself as an integral member of the wider Medcall team; 

“I started on after hours, learnt everything there, and then I became team leader during that time, and then I went to daytime. Then I went to Senior Consultant, and then I went back into Senior Consultant/Team leader again. So, I’ve played a few roles you could say!” 

She says that although she didn’t realise that relationship-building was going to be part of her role with Medcall, it’s become the most rewarding part of her job. 

“What I’m most proud of from my time working with Medcall is having a really good relationship with our staff, with the clients, and also with the Medcall team as well. Staff are always asking for me and so are the clients, and it’s good to have that relationship with them. I really feel I’ve learnt a lot as well, because I basically came in here knowing nothing – all I knew was how to email, answer phones... basically I knew nothing when I walked in. I’ve learnt so much. So, my biggest achievement would be learning and teaching as well. And the great thing is that with my relationship with our team, we can all bounce off one another. So yeah, I’ve learnt a lot. And I really enjoy my job.” 

Through it all, Sandra says that the thing that has kept her coming back for an entire decade is the people she works with. 

“Our team’s amazing. They keep me going, you could say. It’s the people, at the end of the day. It’s actually the whole company as well, because we all seem to get on so well, and sometimes Care On Call will come into the Tauranga office, and we all just get on really well. The whole team environment, the whole company – not just Medcall by itself but the whole company.” 

She says she feels privileged to have been with Medcall long enough to be a part of helping to build the company into what it is today, and being able to look back on the progress. 

“My whole highlight is just being part of building Medcall; being able to help build this company from what it was to where it is now. Even though we’re on the other side of the phone, I always try to give staff and clients the best experience we can. And making sure everything is running smoothly, that’s my main highlight. Ensuring everyone is happy at the end of the day.”