The journey of 2 sisters Nurse placements

A note from Andi, Recruitment Manager at Medcall: When I received two very similar CV’s and applications, I was initially suspicious! So I checked their credentials carefully, to make sure this was legit. But sure enough, it was! These two applications were from two sisters in India, both Registered Nurses who had completed their bridging Courses in Australia together, then returned home. And now wanted to come to New Zealand and work together.

They are a MASSIVE relief and help to the facility they are working at, and have fitted in super well. The staff and residents all love them already!

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This is the story of Jibia and Jinchu, and how they finally made it to New Zealand, and have settled here, with their husbands.

I am Jibia John, a Registered Nurse from India. After getting my New Zealand nursing registration, I started applying for jobs via Seek and Trademe. Then one of my friends suggested Medcall agency and gave me Andi Sizer’s email, so I sent her my CV. She contacted me and sent documents, and interviewed me. Then Medcall arranged interviews with employers for me. 

I was offered a job at Clutha Views Lifecare, where my sister and I chose. Andi helped with all the supporting documentation and process with the employer.

The whole visa process was a crucial step for me. Almost everyone else in our group got their visa within one week, but for me it took more than a month and during those days Andi tried to chase the immigration department to speed up my visa process and give me psychological support. 

Eventually we got my visa, and then we had to complete quarantine at another location as direct flights from India were banned.

We chose to go to the Maldives for our first lot of quarantine. We applied for the Emergency MIQ allocation, but unfortunately, we didn’t get it within the 14 days.  Our new employer, Heritage Lifecare, booked us all into a hotel in Maldives for 7 days and called the Immigration department to get my emergency MIQ allocation, which was processed quickly. That was a really unforgettable day for us and by God’s grace we reached New Zealand, my dream country.

I am really thankful to the Medcall team especially to Ms Andi Sizer as I am here only because of their helping hands. Even now she finds some time to be in touch with us regarding our wellbeing. 


And here is the story of Jibia’ sister Jinchu:

I was a Registered Nurse from India but now I work at Clutha Views Lifecare New Zealand. This career transition is only because of Medcall, who engages Registered Nurses for many hospitals across New Zealand.

I am always thankful to Andi the Recruitment Manager who was with us during the entire journey. Yes, it was a long journey for us. When my sister and I met Andi, we had been searching for a job for one month, but within one week everything had changed and we got offer letters!

But as we were from a red zone country it was a long process for us to be here with our husbands. The visa processing was very difficult but Medcall gave us good support. They even tried their best to contact the immigration on behalf of us.

Finally, when we got the visa we moved to a green zone country (for quarantine) and from there we applied for the Emergency MIQ voucher which was actually a difficult task for us. The supporting documents from the employer were provided through Medcall without delay, which helped us a lot.  

Andi always tried her best for us and made sure we were doing well. We are always thankful for her because without Medcall we would not be here.

(Note: Since the time Jibia and Jinchu wrote this, New Zealand’s Quarantine period now been reduced to 7 days in MIQ and a few days’ self-isolation, and may further reduce or change in future. Critical Workers, including Healthcare workers have also been allocated a dedicated 300 spaces in MIQ to enable people to travel here, so this has greatly reduced the stress caused booking MIQ spaces).