Why Work in Aged Care?

Thinking of a career change? We've gathered some reasons why you should consider working in aged care. 


Why Work in Aged Care?

Looking for a career path that will lead to great opportunities, where you can engage in rewarding work that improves others’ wellbeing? Here’s why you should consider working in aged care!

Benefits to the Elderly:

In New Zealand, aged care is about enabling older people to live with confidence and participate in society for as long as they can. Contributing to their improved health and quality of life is a meaningful way to spend your working hours. According to the NZACA, 82% of older people ‘no longer felt lonely after moving into residential care’, 37% felt ‘improved independence’, and 75% reported ‘overall better health stability’. All healthcare workers – from nurses, managers, caregivers, coordinators, cooks to cleaners – have an important role to play in these positive results.

Increase in Population and Demand:

The ageing populating is set to increase dramatically over the next twenty years. This means the demand is increasing for new aged care facilities, new staff and new innovative ways to provide quality care for those in rest homes, hospitals, and those receiving dementia care. This is an exciting time to join the growing healthcare field, where you’ll work at the forefront of progress and change in the aged care industry.

Career Progression:

Still having doubts? Another key reason to work in the aged care industry, is the fast paced career progression you’ll find in the field compared to others. As an aged care Registered Nurse, you’ll learn skills including team leadership and decision making in your everyday role, completing tasks ranging from delegating tasks, to administering medication, to managing complex health conditions.

Aged care companies also work hard to create a rewarding, nurturing environment that encourages staff to grow and excel. You’ll have a people-facing, hands-on job, where you’ll be consistently supported by other staff and management team members.  

What staff benefits can you expect? They depend on the organisation, but can include:

  • Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP).
  • Careerforce.
  • Internal/external training plans.
  • Annual forums for healthcare workers and managers.
  • Access to service awards and personal best awards.
  • Benefits ranging from health insurance, various paid leave, referral payments, staff discounts to Kiwisaver and more.
  • Penal rates.
  • Global opportunities to transfer around NZ and internationally.

Additionally, for overseas nurses, Aged Care Nursing has been on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, opening up a wide range of visa opportunities, including a fast-tracked path to NZ Residency!

With currently 30,000 caregivers and 5,000 nurses working in aged care, you will work alongside people who truly care about their job, will contribute to the short-term and long-term impact they have on residents, and will see unique career opportunities arise as new facilities continue to pop up throughout the country. Don’t miss out - reach out to Medcall now to discuss permanent opportunities.



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