8 Reasons Using A Great Recruiter Can Help You

If you are asking yourself if you should work with a recruitment agency? We say yes. As recruiters, we often have access to jobs before they are even advertised so we can contact you first! We've put together 8 reasons why we believe our role, the role of a great recruiter can help you get where you want to be.



  1. We know the clients, so we can give you the low-down on the company, their culture, their benefits and professional development and opportunities etc. We are always able to give you advice on the range of opportunities and pathways to get you into the job you want.
  2. You can ask about salary confidentially! Often at an interview, it's the last thing to get mentioned, and you often tiptoe around the subject, but it is actually one of the most important things to know and we can make sure your expectations align with a potential role so that you go in prepared.
  3. You can find out about the company and the manager, why the role is open or any issues you might have and that is all before you go into the interview. A good recruiter will tell you honestly about the good the bad and the ugly so that you are prepared and ready. We know our companies, the roles they offer and whether or not you would be a good fit. You will always be recommended to the right jobs, that we think you would be great at.
  4. You will be assessed and interviewed before you are put forward to the role. We do an in-depth summary of your interview, highlight your skill and attributes which make you a great fit for the role (or not). We deal with any potential negative issues on your behalf (e.g. why there is a 6-month gap on your CV), which might otherwise have ruled you out. We coordinate the whole process for you, send your profile to the client and give you feedback. 
  5. Not only do we do all of that, but we actually organise and arrange the interview with the client, deal with the post-interview feedback and questions, handle the salary negotiations on your behalf so that we can take out all the stress or worry about those awkward situations.
  6. All of that and it's FREE! There is no cost to you, the client pays a fee to us as recruiters. 
  7. We are completely confidential. You are promoted to the client, will have someone keeping you updated and we will always be around to answer any questions you might have or even suggest other positions that might be of interest. 
  8. If you are unsuccessful we can actively look for other opportunities for you, and keep you on the database for future jobs. We love finding great people for great companies, so let us help you find your future role!


Image credit: Headway, Unsplash