Medcall is a specialist recruitment and staffing company dedicated to the healthcare sector.

We attract and recruit people who are not only knowledgeable, skilled and professional, but are also ‘people who care’. Our values have come from and are driven by our senior management, owners and are 100% embraced by our team!

Medcall has cool IT systems, flash business processes, best practice recruitment processes, brainy accountants and experienced mentors supporting us to run a ‘smart business’. However, ultimately we are all about the people we are, the things we care about, how we behave, and the services we deliver. We want Medcall people to be recognised as caring, fun, straight-up and genuine people! Care comes before commercial.

We run a fantastic bureau of skilled and warm temporary/contract nurses and caregivers who are not only skilled and professional but also caring and warm.  These are awesome people recruited for their knowledge and expertise and because they love working in healthcare like we do.  In addition our permanent recruitment service quite simply helps match great people with organisations and services in permanent roles.   For professionals seeking new opportunities we are expert at recruiting for the following: Health Management jobs, Nurse Manager jobs, Clinical Nurse Manager jobs, Nurse and Unit Coordinator jobs to name  just a few and our bureau has temp/contract opportunities for nurses and caregivers throughout NZ.  Our clients trust us to send people who will fit with them and not just flick out CV’s without thought or care!  After all our tag line is People Who Care and that drives everything we do!

Other cool things:  In times of real staffing shortages in our sector, we are all trying a variety of ways to attract people to work in aged care.  Just one of those strategies deserves a front page mention!  In partnership with MSD, Medcall is super delighted to be supporting people currently receiving specific support through MSD to consider roles as caregivers in the aged care sector.  In a nutshell, Medcall is given the contact details of people who have indicated interest in caring roles from the Job Connect team at MSD.  We contact each of them, and everyone who remains keen after that first chat (a chat that is aimed to really suss out more about that individual and start to assess if this is the right kind of role for them) then attend a programme that includes interviews, seminars, discussions and undergo a recruitment process.  This all culminates in them meeting employers either face to face at individual interviews or at Medcall/MSD run employer expos.  Have a look at our recent blog to find out more!

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I have been involved with Andi’s team for a long time now This team has always sourced the right position for me and have been most professional and helpful in all dealings with them. I would totally recommend this recruitment centre to any Nursing Professional seeking placement in the health market.

Jan H – Aged Care Facility Manager