Amazing achievement Aman Prasad – Medcall nurse and H&S Rep!


Aman Prasad – Medcall’s NZQA trained H&S Rep!!  We are so proud!

Aman says “I have been given the opportunity to write few lines about myself and in particular about my passion for health and safety.

I am a registered nurse with Medcall and loving my role with this beautiful organisation who genuinely support professional development of their employees. Not so long ago, I took on the role of HEALTH & SAFETY CHAMPION. I strongly believe in “the safety of employees”. We need to be safe and protected before we are able to provide quality care to our patients.

Workplace Health and Safety is a very important yet very harsh and dry subject. Unlike ‘sexy’ topics like travel, fashion, or food, that by nature provoke positive thoughts, and convey engaging messages, H&S is often associated with negativity. I had the same mindset but it changed after I recently attended NZQA recognised Health and Safety training which was held Jet Park Hotel & Conference Centre (not to mention I was treated to a 3-course lunch and it was all paid by Medcall). I gained indepth knowledge about the role of H&S rep and how I can best support you with any H&S issues that you are or might experience in future at your temp work environment;

Medcall Health and Safety committee will soon post their member’s contact details on Medcall website and you can get hold of us anytime you like; except when most of us are sleeping at I strongly encourage you to flag any issues that’s affecting you or patients at your work environment. We are here to listen to you and resolve issues to the best we can.

Since I am now NZQA qualified, I can issue PINs(Provisional Improvement Notices) under Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 – i.e. “shut the building”. Of course, this my last resort and there is a process involved before we can come to this conclusion.

Always remember: “Health and safety is a serious business and can have costly consequences if ignored or fudged” – with this note, Thanks for reading. Take care and have a good day.

Your Colleague,

Aman Prasad.  RN/H&S Champ.

Jane Clements:  ” we are super proud of Aman and his achievements!!  Medcall is committed to your health and safety and we hope simply want to encourage all our team to feel confident and open if you have any h&S concerns, questions or queries and to get in touch.  Our goal is to understand, learn, improve, prevent and also be responsible and accountable about H&S and WE are all in this TOGETHER!