NZ’s fastest growing jobs – Good news or bad news for the Aged Care sector?



SEEK NZ has just released their latest industry trends which highlights the challenges employers are having locating nurses in the Aged Care sector. Under the Healthcare and Medical jobs umbrella, Aged Care Nursing was ranked number 2 in terms of job ad growth, up 33.8%.

Aged Care providers are building more rest homes to try and meet the growing demand from ‘baby bloomers. This is great news for Medcalls business, however  a large number of the current aged care nurses are aiming for DHB jobs, leaving aged care facilities trying to attract an ever shrinking pool of RNs. Regional Managers are working with clients and nurses to try and find a balance that ensures there are casual resources available when needed, while the recruitment team is working hard to assist growing need in permanent staff.  We appreciate the challenges the industry is facing and do monitor sectors development.  

The open question is what can we do different and better to attract the staff to casual aged care positions?