Carnival Chaos


While most of you were lounging around after brunch on Sunday, we were busy setting up equipment and mannequins as part of our stand at the Oceania Conference in Auckland.

Medcall is the Lead staffing provider for Oceania Healthcare, who have retirement facilities all around New Zealand. As part of their team of a wide range of suppliers including furniture, equipment and food services, (we provide temp and permanent staffing), we were invited to be part of their annual conference, always fun!

Flying all their hospital/rest home managers to Auckland for those couple of days was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up with their colleagues, hear direct from their CEO and industry speakers about the issues facing the sector, and how together we can all address them.

The common theme was the difficulty attracting good clinical staff, and how we can work with Government agencies to ensure a steady flow of awesome people for our very deserving frail elderly. There are so many very committed Managers, Clinical Managers and Registered Nurses out there, who love what they do!

It was also a chance for the Business & Care Managers to blow away those cobwebs and stresses of managing busy hospitals, dealing with non-stop demands, and just have some FUN!

With a Carnival theme as the main attraction, we were surrounded by some fantastic displays, some Very Interesting Bearded Ladies (read burly blokes with wigs and female “accessories”), competitions and prizes.

This is Jessie and me after set-up, all ready to go!